Monday, July 1, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Canelo Alvarez Tickets

Many people can't believe it, but the fight that everyone has wanted to see for years is actually happening, and the venue picked for the first press conference couldn't have been better, New York City.

The most well-known pound for pound champion of our time Floyd Money Mayweather Junior, is going to be battling Alverez. In total there are four championship belts at stake, in this super welterweight battle that will happen on September 14 in Vegas.

This event is being called the one, and both fighters are going to be appearing in 11 different cities on a nationwide media tour. We are finally going to get to see which boxer is the best in the world.

There is a real chance that the pay-per-view ratings and numbers are going to be broken by this fight. In fact it's possible that those numbers could be easily surpassed. This is what Oscar De La Hoya has said to Fox news.


De La Hoya is the one who promotes both of these excellent fighters. And he also actually fought Mayweather back in 2007, that's where the current record 2.4 million pay-per-view buys was made.

In De La Hoya's opinion this fight is pretty much even for both sides. Both of the fighters are in danger. He also said that the best way to win the fight is going to be to utilize the jab. De La Hoya used it in the first seven rounds of their fight very successfully. Because he was at a later stage in his career he wasn't able to keep up the pace though, and was eventually defeated by Mayweather.

Showtime is going to be showing the fight live on television, and it is certainly one of their biggest shows in the last decade. And as far as pay-per-view numbers go these type of numbers have not been rivaled since Mike Tyson was in his prime around the late 90s.